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Alice Henderson
GIS Specialist and Bioacoustician


I am a trained and experienced GIS specialist, bioacoustician, and field researcher. I feel passionately about undertaking projects that will benefit wildlife, from surveys for species presence to mapping wildlife corridors. I have done pro-bono work for various wildlife projects and non-profits including the the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, and more.



Certificate of Completion in Bat Acoustic Analysis, run by Wildlife Acoustics at Arizona Department of Game & Fish

Certificate in GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing, Diablo Valley College

Interdisciplinary master's degree with graduate coursework in Geographic Information Systems and climatology, University of Oregon

Bachelor's degree with coursework in field zoology, biogeography, animal behavior, biology, ecology, and climatology, and earth sciences, Webster University


Christy Caswell Volunteer of the Year Award, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, 2015 and 2016


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