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Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust:  Awarded the Christy Caswell Volunteer of the Year Award for two years running, 2015 and 2016

Wildlife Land Trust Award Announcement

Reference from Erik Beever, USGS Research Ecologist:


"I enthusiastically write this letter in support of Ms. Alice Henderson.  Ms. Henderson possesses a strong and comprehensive skillset with respect to GIS and cartography.  Over the course of greater than a decade, Alice has produced maps that my field technicians (and I !) have used to both select a route to travel among microclimate sensors within each site (there are usually 7-11 sensors within each 6-km-diameter ‘site’) for research on mountain ecosystems, their wildlife, and the microclimates that they are experiencing and responding to.  The remoteness and physical challenge associated with this research are extremely demanding, in that the nearest town can by 10-80 miles away, and we often see fewer than one other person per day, even on more-primary roads, for much of the research.  Among all of the various resources that I provide technicians, nearly all of them prefer Alice’s maps over the numerous variants of information that I provide.

In addition to her extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise in GIS and cartography, Alice also excelled in fieldwork, when she helped me retrieve information off of six sensors in the White Mountains.  In some of those cases, the existing directions that I had were sorely lacking for several reasons, and she not only found all the sensors, but provided eminently clear information for all future efforts at that site.  She is also wonderfully flexible, hard-working, and a joy to work with.  I am astounded at how consistently pleasant she is, even when my timing has been less than ideal, in requests for her assistance.  It should be noted that Alice initially approached me, offering to provide the assistance solely as a means to expose herself to a broader array of research efforts.  I lament the fact that I have never been able to provide any kind of compensation for her invaluable effort; however, this fact underscores the tenacity and unselfishness of Ms. Henderson.  Given the potential sensitivity of the data (the target species has been proposed for listing under the ESA, twice), I have appreciated that Alice has kept the data coordinates confidential.

I categorically and wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Henderson to your attention.  I cannot think of a negative thing to say about her and her top-quality work."


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