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Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust

Acoustic Survey Specialist – conduct acoustic bat, bird, and amphibian surveys for a number of preserves across the U.S.; analyze acoustic data for species identification; write detailed reports.

GIS Specialist – create maps for preserves using remotely sensed data, GAP layers, and GPS data

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Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Partner and GIS Specialist - undertake GIS tasks such as georeferencing, Google flybys, and more

Great Basin and Sierra Nevada American Pika Project

GIS Specialist – create maps from data collected in the field for the American pika; identify pika habitat using satellite data; create specialized navigational maps for technicians to use in the field during surveys

Fieldwork – survey for presence of the American pika; retrieve and replace temperature loggers in talus slopes

Nevada Bat Blitz

Fieldwork – put up bat mistnets; transported bats to ID stations; engaged in bat species ID

Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center, Glacier National Park

Fieldwork – conducted surveys for the American pika by navigating in the backcountry to specific GPS locations and photographing evidence of pika presence and collecting scat for analysis; conducted surveys for bighorn sheep and mountain goats by traveling backcountry to specific locations and monitoring slopes with spotting scopes and recording information about populations, including gender and age.

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